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My Recent Web Design Articles

Update Slider Revolution URL’s after changing domain name

Need to Update Slider Revolution URLs? If your WordPress website is using…

How To Launch a WordPress Site

How to Launch a WordPress Site (A new website)

Do you need to learn how to launch a WordPress site? If…

How to Backup a Wordpress Website

How to backup a WordPress Website

There are many reasons why you might need to backup a WordPress…

Total Theme: Call to undefined function wp_script_add_data FIX

Total & WP Bakery Page Builder are my favorite WordPress themes and…

Move a WordPress Website from a subdomain

How to move a WordPress Website from a subdomain

You might have an existing website on your primary domain and have…

WP Bakery Page Builder Not Loading After WordPress 5.0 Update

Have you recently updated your WordPress installation, or had an auto-update applied…

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